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Car Finance & Hire Purchase Car Loans For Good and Bad Credit Histories

Who are AutoMoney Motor Finance?

AutoMoney Motor Finance is the new name of London & Surrey Motor Finance.

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Same great team, same fantastic service…now available NATIONWIDE!

London & Surrey Motor Finance specialised in providing car finance for people with all types of credit histories and circumstances, whilst providing full support and superb service to our network of vehicle dealers as well as our vehicle / car finance customers.

As a regional lender, our services were only available in the South of England. Now, as AutoMoney Motor Finance, the same fantastic team of people still provides the same, superb auto loan service…the only difference is that it is now we do it nationwide!

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Finding car finance for a customer with a good credit history is simple, right? But what about car finance for people with poor or bad credit? Customers with a benefits-based income? The self-employed?

Unlike most other lenders, we don’t just help people with a good credit history finance a vehicle – we also provide vehicle finance to people with poor / bad credit histories, the self-employed and customers using benefits income to finance a vehicle.

We provide Hire Purchase finance agreements on new and used cars from £4,000 to £25,000 that can be repaid over 36 to 84 months. The interest rates on our car loans range from as low as just 6.5% (flat rate) up to just 19% (flat rate) and we are a direct lender, not a broker – this means that we underwrite and finance all of the car loans ourselves! So when we say ‘yes’ to financing a car, we won’t back out at the last minute and lose you your commission!

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At AutoMoney Motor Finance we don’t just provide a great service and low interest car loans to people with good credit, we aim to help everyone, including people that wish to get car finance with bad credit!

We don’t judge a book by its cover, so we won’t turn you away just because of your credit history, or because you are self-employed or using benefits income to pay for your vehicle financing. For us, the affordability of your auto loan is the key – so as long as the repayments are within your budget, you could be driving away in your new car TODAY!

The best bit? The interest rates on our vehicle loans range from as low as just 6.5% (flat rate) up to just 19% (flat rate)…so with us, you can finance a vehicle without it costing you the earth!